Quad/DirtBike Meet

I know a bunch of members have quads and dirtbikes. Lets set up nyspeed ride.

what type of riding/meet? basic trails, well-groomed trails, random field riding, track riding w/jumps, other types of riding I know nothing about?

thinking majestic or tail pines.

I’ve never been to either…I ride a 2005 RMZ450f, usually just ride at my buddies practice track in East Concord or hit the local-ish tracks on open-practice days…trail riding something set up for the track is a little bit of a pain in the nuts sometimes.

We do this at least a weekend a month I would say. Www.bobshouse.com

majestic is fun. I rode my 86 atc 250r last time. i’d bring my 86 350x this time. crazy hills, better for the thumper. my friend goes a lot so post up when you guys go hes got a tricked out yfz450 and knows the place very well.

Count mindless foureyed and I in.

1st or 2nd weekend of June?

I’ll have my big bore brute.

I have a bunch of bikes and friends with bikes. Count me and 4-5 others in

Lets set up a date.


Jay (or anyone) text me 472-2488

Guess im in… LOL

im in with at least 2 others

interested… have a few friends that have ATCs as well.


We always talk about this. I dont care if its cold or wet. Snow could be a problem for some guys so it would be better to not have to deal with it. Its better when its wet so we wont have to deal with dust.

Majestic is good for any machine, race/utility/dirt bike/atc/side by sides. 50+ miles of trails and a motocross track.
Tall pines has some restrictions, spark arrester, no atc’s. Ive never been there so i’m not sure how the trails are.
Or if someone has land/trails we could meet up there.

How about mid/late March, early April? Would be great to have a bunch of us go. Doesn’t matter what you ride, just come have fun.

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Tall pines is good, moto x track, camping on site, staff is awesome and helpful. Pretty much can ride anything there.

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majestic is really nice. there is a little of everything.
if you want to ride fast, make sure you are following someone that knows the trails and has a working brake light.
iirc there are a few turns with drop offs that would cause a few dollars and a few bruises of damage.

they are pretty strict with the speed limits in the parking areas. we camped there for 4 nights, I took down my sport, and utility and had a blast.