Question about the kills

I’ve read just about all the kills, and the stories, etc… and I have a quetsion. Why do about 75% of the races go from a roll? I mean, a drag race is as much about car setup, and driver skill as it is about horsepower to weight. If you go from a roll that eliminates a proper launch and your cars weight transfer. If you put 2 different cars side by side at say 45 mph, and floor it, it’s most likely that 1 of the cars will be in the meat of its powerband, offering a distinct advantage over the other. It just seems to me that a roll race is pretty unfair. I understand that it’s not always possible to catch a light with someone to get a stoplight race, but do people really drive on the thruway looking for a race? By reading some of these posts I get the assumption that some of you guys do. Back in the day when I used to street race all the time, noone ever raced from a roll. I could never see the point in it. I could care less if someones car is faster than mine form 60-100. I don’t mean to upset anyone with this post, I just don’t get it, that’s all. I do welcome your criticism though.

Roll races are much easier to setup, results in less parts breaking, and most people feel “safer” doing it from a roll.

But yeah, I agree races from a dig tend to be more interesting.

because when ur cruising on a highway and come up on someone u can’t exactly stop in the middle of the road and run :wink:

Some people cruise the thruways and high(er) speed 2ndary routes for a roll race. Some others cruise the streets in general.

To get a stoplight race on, You’re much more likely to break something, be in a populated area, get caught, have cross traffic, so on.

I def. agree that dig / stoplight runs are more interesting, but roll racing definately has it’s place too. All depends on the kah & dravor.



Dig is about the driver, roll is more about the car.

Take like an auto vs. stick of the same car. The auto has the " I only have to floor it" advantage from a dig, from a roll, it’s pretty easy both ways.


It’s not really an advantage though “flooring it”. For example, if I floor my car from a roll at 35 mph, it will drop into first at about 4000-4500 and take off. If I floor my car from 40-45 mph, it will only drop into 2nd at much less rpm and kind of lug until it hits 3000 or so. So if I race a similar car (hp wise) from 30mph, then turn around and race the same car from 40 mph, the results could be drastically different. There is no consistency.

i agree…with this statement…plus with a roll race u cant blame a loss on a bad launch…or tire spin…

If you know how to launch a car, set it up properly, and have a good set of tires you wouldn’t have to “blame” anything if you lost.

Start in 1st then shift to second for the 40 mph one, plus usually you can call out the speed. Also like Jay said, it’s soo much easier to set up a roll race, trying to go from a dig and “catch a light” next to someone in an out of the way location is some work.


exactly y i wont race anyone between 35 and 45 lol stupid a4 deadspots

I don’t go looking for races, but most of the time it is people who pull up next to me as I am driving. In the 1 1/2 years I’ve owned my car, I have only raced from a light once, and the rest of the time it is usually on the thruway.


Eh fawk it!!! IT’S BECAUSE HONDAS CAN’T GO FROM A DIG!!! It’s a domestic v. import thing. Let’s not beat around the bush here. lol

DISCLAIMER: This was meant all in fun. If you are a Honda owner, I ashamed of you!

joelster if i had a 1994 z28, i’d be afraid of racing an import on the highway too :tspry:

jk :wiggle:

LOL, I just knew some insults were gonna come out of this! It’s ok, all in good bench racing fun.

:tup: way to go and not pull a jnj

2 other points;

You can’t do a 4 way run from a dig
You can’t have a chase / camera car from a dig


Didnt You see 2F2F II?? OMG


ya kinda doo have a point , i mean LT1s (sorry for u import guys if u dont knwo and LT1 is just the code for teh v8 350ci engines in 93-97 z28s and SS’s lol) they have barley any top end

Hence the LS1. Let it flow.