I am not fan of McCain but the dood is 71 years old. They told him at POW camp that if he EVER touched a computer, Vietnamis Ninjas would come out of the rice patties and stalk him to the states where he would have his asshole ripped out through his mouth. True story.

Why would we care? He is the leader he is supposed to hire quality people below him It’s called good management skills

Do you know of any 71 year old people that can use a computer without assistance. I dont.

And that looks like a pretty shitty news site.

McCain will make you swallow that donkey dick Fry

Computers are too important of a part of modern society to not be required of the US president. As President, most of what he has to work with is computer based. How is he supposed to make decisions on Internet policy when he doesn’t even understand how to use a computer?
The President should be able to send an E-mail on his own.

I can just see it now. "Good morning Mr. President, it’s the Secretary of the Air Force. I seem to have misplaced these nuclear launch codes. Please click here to re-enter them on the Air Force web site.

LOL isnt that what he has advisor’s for?
waiting on the -see how well the bush advisors did

Bacon > Yes > No

We don’t get to elect his advisors. I don’t trust a guy who knows shit about technology to appoint the right people that do. For all we know he could rely on the opinion of the guy from Geek Squad that installed Bridge on his computer.

They elected bush twice, and he can’t even use a pretzle.

when presidents start listing their advisers as including GOD (like bush basically did) is where I really start to care.

“I’m an illiterate that needs to rely on my wife for all the help I can get.”

His wife’s degree is in Special Ed :lol:

Didn’t Clinton say that he only sent one email his whole time in office? Like someone said, that’s what his advisors/cabinet is for

I think it’s important to know how to use one but with the current state of affairs, it’s the last thing from most peoples mind imo

The_Russian is the new JEG. That is all.

LOL @ eggs and bacon almost winning

I voted for yes. I would like to switch that to No.

We need a tech savvy president, with the issues that will be coming up in the next couple years we need someone that can defend the rights of the the free net.

I vote no. We’re in the digital information age. How the hell is someone supposed to run a country in an age they don’t understand?


I don’t like him anyways and I’m a republican.

We need net neutrality. A better information policy to better protect our national information from foreign hackers, increase a cyber force in the military, and be overall ready to change. Plus, with all the information on the internet now, how can you not use it to research.