Racing Live on iPhone?

Hey, is anyone playing Racing Live? It came out last week, currently free app to download, basically a racing rpg like those mobster games on myspace/facebook and that. Kind of entertaining. My code is 14ZT2 on it if anyone wants to crew up or something.


Are you talking about Race Wars? I love it.

Nope, Racing Live - just came out on april 9th.

Just tried out Race Wars to compare, and RW seems to be glitchy and slower compared to RL. Two crashes and an inability to connect to RW’s server thus far.

I think it got really popular. It used to fly but it is hard sometimes so I think more and more people are playing it.

Ah gotcha - leave it to the iPhone to make prime time mobile gaming in the middle of the workday, lol.


My iPhone makes me so useless. Between tethering and going to sites my work blocks, its great.

Lol I just stood at a podium all day for my last job and I had to fully recharge the phone every night for how much I used it over the course of my workday.