Range Rover Sport vs Wrangler


Unfortunately the terra grapplers are only rated to 112… I cant say enough about how great the brakes and suspension are on this. The brakes on this make me realize how scary the G8 really was at scrubbing off speed quickly.


Bumping this thread for Chuck @Trkbossls who recently got a low mileage '12 and is looking for Range Rover Sport advice / tips.

@LUC1F3R & @2TurboZ I figured you’d have the best knowledge since you’ve both had them for a few years now :+1:


Its a 12 RR HSE Supercharged. 11k miles, just wondering if its something to drive for a few years and not worry about anything or if it has known issues to look for and cash it.



@LUC1F3R I see you lurking…


I’m at 115K now, when I bought mine (80k miles) I replaced the supercharger isolating bushing and upgraded the pulleys. I also put the biggest tire you can on these, and my suspension is in need of an overhaul. I plan on going with the Poly kit from atlantic british ($600 and a long day).
Other than that I haven’t had any issues.
The two known issues that pop up a lot are collapsed sway bar bushings and the supercharger isolator bushing. Both are pretty easy fixes.
I plan on keeping this for as long as @Onyx_Z32 who had like 500k miles. :open_mouth: If the motor pops I plan on buying a junkyard shortblock and replacing the supercharger with twins.