Range Rover Sport vs Wrangler


I drove the wrangler when deciding on my truck. Stupid slow, auto tranny sucked, loud and handle like crap. I don’t know why Jeep doesn’t put a better more powerful motor. For the prices they command they aren’t nearly nice enough for me at least. I went with a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport. Couldn’t be happier


I had a wrangler for years, I loved it. Was slow and handled bad, but it’s a jeep!! I had a lot of fun with it and never had any major issues even after riding it super hard and testing it’s offroad limits for 70k+ (bought it at 40k miles) miles. I have had a few friends who got used Range Rovers and have so many issues with them, expensive as hell to fix compared to a wrangler too. I vote Wrangler!!


Comparing these two is like comparing a bowling ball and a ping pong ball. They’re both balls but that’s about where it ends. I drove my bosses Willy’s edition wrangler 4 door and the ride SUCKS balls!!! Driving it from Clarence to work was miserable and I can not for the life of me figure out why people think Wranglers are the second coming?



I also have a 2006 full size range, but mine is the supercharged jag motor.

I’ve had it since 2013 and no major issues. Replaced the battery, swapped out all front suspension components (control arms, tie rods, sway bar links) chasing down a clunk, brakes/rotors, and replaced smaller odds and ends. Air suspension still works and no issues thus far knock on wood

I just replaced my spark plugs and Im getting about 22-23 hwy mpg @ 65-70 mph. I have Nitto Terra Grappler tires and it does very well in the snow, and the truck pulls my boat easily.

I originally was only a fan of the full size ranges, but the 2010+ Sports have grown on me. Despite not-so-obvious differences to the average Joe, the Sport’s interior feels a lot smaller and lacks some of the fit and finish as compared to the full size.



Thanks…+1 on the Terra Grapplers, exactly what I planned on using.

The more I look into it I think the decision will come down to the RRS SC or the RR HSE, both are priced the same. For some reason I really like the tailgate of the RR HSE instead of the normal lift gate.

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Thats what all jeeps should come with.


Split tailgate FTW :tup: Also the hidden rear wiper blade on the full size is a much nicer touch than on the sport :slight_smile:



The 2012+ 3.6L is at least better than the 3.8L from 2007-2011.


I would do a comparison with the SRT-8 Jeep Cherokee and the RR Sport.


A 707hp Trail Cat Wrangler would be nice too. :slight_smile:


Get the Range, and if repairs are a worry just buy a warranty. I have many that a very affordable and have extensive coverage.


I’ll keep that in mind, I wouldn’t mind at least getting some quotes.

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On the road they’re very comparable…its when they go off road that the RR just pulls away. Thats why the wrangler idea came up. Not much out there can handle off roading or deep snow the way that a RR or Wrangler can. I’m by no means an avid off roader, but when I had my Trailblazer I managed to get it stuck twice because of the shitty 4wd and clearance.

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this with DRs=wheelies :slight_smile:

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From what I can tell they get the nice motor in 10’…and they get expensive as fuck as well. :frowning:


I dont post enough…


Looks like a nice ride. If shit does go wrong with it, update the thread. They do look pretty sweet.



Just FYI:

Death wobble can happen with any solid axle vehicle, normally due to loose or incorrectly installed steering or suspension components.

are those stock tire size? Looks great!


Nice! How do you like it?


Thanks! No they’re as big as I could go without rubbing issues, 285/50-20 vs 275/40-20. Definitely makes the truck standout.

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Loving it. So far I’ve only had to replace the sway bar end links and I got it for about 10k under blue book because it had an engine knock…I knew when i heard it that it was the isolator bushing on the supercharger. Cost me $30 and 4 hours to replace. Installed upgraded pulleys while it was apart :slight_smile:


nice… I always wanted one of these.


That thing looks looks sleek af. Looks like it would do as well at 150 as my gti. I prefer 4x4s that are scary to go over 70 haha. But then again they serve a totally different purpose.


I just bought a 13 RRS Limited.

Very Very happy so far.