Goodbye Range Rover

Hello Pickup Truck.
So my RRS I had was quickly becoming a money pit with weird issue after weird issue. So on my birthday picked up this. Sierra AT4 Doublecab with the 6.2. So far the only thing I miss is how much better the RRS handled than this.

Yeah at some point the cost input into an older RR needs to be justified…

Is this new truck the GMC version of the Canyon? It almost looks full sized from your picture.

The sierria is the gmc version on the Silverado, so its a fullsize 1/2 ton…recent body style change has you confused I think lol

First thing that caught my eye was the rear window kink, and I associated it with this:

I wish they put the 6.2 in the canyon…
Yea the biggest problem I was finding is that the aftermarket parts for repairs are junk and the factory stuff is ridiculously expensive. I chased a problem with the steering for months that turned out to be a brand new aftermarket lower steering column I installed. The latest issue was the front air struts that I purchased just over a year ago starting to leak. Awesome trucks when everything is perfect but what a pita when not.

The 6.2 rocks, I have a 14 silverado with the same engine (6 spd trans though).

How’s the new 10sp behind the 6.2?

Dont know if its a good or bad thing but it makes the truck almost feel like a CVT under normal driving. The RPMs barely drop as it ticks off gears. I think the main reason for the 10spd is fuel economy as ive been averaging 18mpg, way better than the rover. Under full throttle it is fun though as it flies through the gears.

Absolutely love the styling on the new '19+ GMC’s. I just can’t find a deal on them anywhere except at Simmons Rockwell. They are mechanically the same as a Silverado, but $5-$8k more. So aggravating!

Looks damn good!


The only difference mechanically is the ability to get the 6.2. With the chevy the trailboss only offers the 5.3, which makes no sense. I would have prob gone that route if they did.

Chevy now is offering the 2020 Silverado RST, Custom Trail Boss and LT Trail Boss with the 6.2