Rays Wheels : How they are made VID


Fucking cool as hell

That’s why they cost so much…


wow, good find. theres only like 3people running the whole plant. Everything is computerized/machined.


awesome :tup:

thats was very kool :tup:

Sweet shit man!! Good find, Howard.

awesome video

wow…very nice…:slight_smile:

Cool, now I truly understand the difference between how cast wheels and forged wheels are made.

That’s killer cool right there.

Thank you for that, it was very very cool! Glad I came over here today :wink:


A little off topic, but can anyone explain the difference between this process and the Semi-Solid forging process that SSR uses?

Cool vid. :tup:

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I love seeing how things are made.

Remember that Mr. Rodgers where they showed the video of the sneaker factory?? T-up