Read / Clear airbag lights???

My airbag light decided to make a surprise appearance this morning and I was wondering if you guys are able to read codes, then clear them when the issue is resolved? I believe I MAY have pinched a harness putting my radio back in yesterday and I’m going to check it out today but if not then I’ll need you to read and tell me what sensor it is (hopefully just a sensor).
How much would you charge for such a task if it is possible???


I dont know about Subaru’s but my truck flashed a code when the airbag light came on. In my case it was code 4-2 so it flashed 4 times, paused, then flashed twice more.

I looked it up online and it was the front sensor. I replaced it and the light went out and hasnt been on since. No scanning needed.

The scanner at my garage reads air bags.

you can’t clear air bag lights kenny, it’s a separate system then the port reads from. you can find a fault code with the system, but until you fix the issue you wont be able to get the light off

if it’s a pinched wire i would 100% recommend you not fuck with it by splicing it back together, and suck it up and buy a new harness for that section. last thing you need is an air bag failure

Turned out just being a loose connection under one of the seats. Light went off on its own.

Brew: I knew it had to be fixed, but whenever we would turn a car on with an airbag light disconnected when I worked at C.City it would throw an airbag light… and the only way it would clear (on most cars we worked on) was to have it cleared.