rebuilding kw v2 coilovers?

Im currently talking with a guy about purchasing a set of kw v2’s for 200 dollars. The only problem is the front right shock is blown. Does anyone know where i can get these rebuilt? I heard it was around 300 dollars for all 4 of them. The coilovers are 1500 dollars new for my car and are on par with the toda’s. This guy is actually a former owner of and is very respected so i trust im not getting ripped off. Any input/ info would be great especially on a shop that can do the job.

Thanks guys

call kw themselves.

Do you think theyll do it pete? I feel like they might charge me a rediculous amount. But this would still be a steal, and i have the money for it currently too.

i dunno. just call em up and see what they have to say, that would be your best bet, honestly.

I wouldn’t get them rebuilt by anyone other than KW but that’s just me.

I was actually just contacte by kings motorsport and they said 250 + shipping charges. Im gonna call kw tommorow and see what they can do. Anyone know if any local shops rebuild like synapse or moon possibly?

Call Jeremy Treadway at Gallo’s in Ticonderoga and tell him that Travis Moore sent you.

KWs arent complicated, any shock rebuilder with the proprietary tools can do it. If I had em, I’d do it for you for free.

Travis Moore is a good friend of mine whom I play lacrosse with. :rofl

My parents have a house on paradox lake and were in ticonderoga all the time. So that could work out nicely, do you have a number i could call?

Ok sweet because i read that people rebuild them all the time but they are relatively expensive for the ep3 considering everyone who spends that much just gets the toda’s. Im gonna pick them up then. Thanks guys.

kw makes a pretty nice shock. like jesse said, they aren’t terribly hard to revalve. i’d def. call around.

Jeremys on vacation, ill call him back next monday when he gets back.