Recommend Someone for Powdercoat


Hey guys,

This winter I’d like to do some bike parts, like foot pegs, wheels etc. to get blasted and painted.

Anyone on here do it? I’d rather support the board if I can.



I do it, I might not be able to do the wheels depending on your timeline, I’ve been trying to find the time to finish my big (5’x5’x3’) oven and simply have not managed to find time to get to that in MONTHS.

Also spending hours blasting sucks and is expensive to charge for…but Buffalo Manufacturing blasts in bulk for me for CHEAP when paying cash, I’ve referred a few others there with also great experiences. For example I dropped off a frame, all the engine mount brackets, airboxes, battery box, tons of small parts… $120 for blasting. That’s less than three hours of my labor and it would take WAY longer than 3hrs for me to blast all that.

I do know there’s other members that also do PC though so I’m sure some others with chime in with options.


Oh I wouldn’t need stuff done till like April, and I’d give up the parts late october. Trying to figure out a rough cost so I can pick up some OT and put it aside.


Pretty sure @IanK was working on some sort of powder coating. At least the last time we talked.