Relocation: Where would you move to?

My fiance and I have been wanting to move somewhere with better weather and opportunity for the past couple years. She is in the middle of a master’s program for Social Work, and will graduate next year. I am looking for entry level computer technician type jobs.

We have been traveling quite a bit all over the US just getting the feel for different areas. Some areas we like are: Some parts of Florida, North Carolina, Phoenix Area. We are traveling to Texas in a couple weeks to check out Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

Where would you relocate to?

North Carolina FTW


San Diego. Not hot, not cold, just awesome. Year round. Everywhere else your tradeoff for mild winters is either summers in the 90s with humidity in the 90s, or a nice dry 115.

San Diego is fucking awesome. I will either be moving there or Denver area within the next couple of years.

The tax climate in California is terrible though, they are the highest taxed in the nation. It would be like moving from New York, to New York with nice weather.

NY with nice weather > NY with shitty weather.

Also, taxes are obnoxious and housing costs suck but you do make more money to compensate. A job that pays 1 Beck here usually pays 1.3-1.5 there.

Lol’d so fucking hard at "I don’t always post my income on the internet, but when i do it’s demoninated in Becks.

We relocated to Denver this past July and we fucking love it out here. Their is a shit ton to do from music to sports and tons of outdoor type things if that is what you enjoy. The best part is the weather is amazing, seriously it’s sunny every day here and it sounds stupid but it has had a noticeably positive effect on just my general mood and attitude. Cost of living is similar to ny, gas is cheaper but food is a tad pricier, rent is similar to what we paid back home but houses will totally cost you more here. I can’t comment on those type of jobs but I don’t have a degree and had no problem finding a decent job out here.

Really enjoy it here in Raleigh. :tup:

Carolinas would probably be one of the first places I looked. Tech jobs seem prevalent down there. Weather doesn’t hurt either.

St. John USVI is where I would move, the wife can work and I would be a stay at home dad hanging on Trunk Bay everyday.

eehhh, I visited my sister in San Diego and I just really didn’t like it out there.

Definitely an option worth scoping out though.

Hawaii. :tup:

personally San Diego is where im heading to as soon as work will allow…

However Ive been in Tucson fucking with mexicans since Jan and ill be here till May.

so far ive been up to Phoenix 3 times and i was surprised by how nice it was. (chandler/tempe area)

to sum it up Tucson is meh, an hour south of Tucson is border-town trash and an hour north is classy Phoenix

sorry im not much help

US: San Diego
Non-US: Australia or London

Ever been out there in the summer? The dry heat seems like a love it or hate it kind of thing. Humid heat seems almost universally disliked.

Its really tough,visiting them and viewing some of the area forums on city-data is probably your best bet. Statistics can be misleading,one study will have a place ranked as being a happy place to live and another will have it ranked as one with the most suicides,lol.

Not sure about the Carolina’s… I lived for a bit in Greenville/Spartanburg area and the job outlook there is pretty crappy. Buffalo has an all around job market, over there it seemed like it was mostly high skilled jobs. I guess it all depends on on what you’re looking for. BTW I was there in 2008. Maybe that’s just my experience.