Reminder, Pinks 1320x at LVD Aug 16th and 17th

I know its a domestic only competition event… but they will have a live band in front of the tower, and its an all out 2 day deal that should be interesting if nothing else. They are also having grudge matches. I wouldnt plan on anyNopi style dancing girls, but it did happen at the last event (chicks were more like women, and moms LOL).
Just a thought for some that are making plans or don’t have any yet.
$10,000 payout to fastest 10.5 tire car and all types of other purses for other classes.

I might go on Saturday if Ive got nothing else going on.
I work Sundays though.

Supporting this event is a good thing. Best form of revenue for LVD all year.

Actually not… I had a meeting with them… they do great with night of fire etc… Pinks was great… but 1320x is a much smaller deal in ways of sponsorship etc. Old school, low budget… 1320x gets a nice peice of pie. However, at probably $15 a head, if fans show, Howard will do fine. For once I hope they have good concessions though! I know the promotional part is VERY VERY low budget so many don’t know the show is coming… so its a gamble.
It also requires ALOT of fast cars, this area isnt that full of them so we are hoping for CT,NJ,MA peeps to show in force as well. The payout is great, if your fast. No one we know will win these classes, unless its a manufacturers cup (which I am in)… but my car simply isnt close to nice enough, nor consistant enough to be competitive in the bracker style racing… hell…its never run the 1320 yet on track. Was thinking of running all motor just to be consistant…but too much work.

It should be great for shift518 members dads! LOL…


I heard that monster trucks and pinks was the best money they made in a while. This supposedly coming from the owner…but it sounds like you have the inside scoop.

I may register to race in the Trans Am :ponder Really thinking about it. How hard is it to make it in?

They need cars, you are automatically in if you register soon for manufacturers cup. its 80 bucks though

Do you win anything? I may just sign up anyways to do it for fun.

Explain manufacturer’s cup.

I guess Im out if they dont want imports. Id race the Hyundai.

i usually bring my father out on wednesdays, gives him something to do, while helping to keep the track alive

whats that about they dont want no imports?

lazy fucks… takes some skill and luck to navigatge site

Manufacturers Cup:
Entry-level race class designed for any American made car. A Test-n-Tune class designed to accommodate everyone. One of the overall goals for these events is to be completely interactive with the crowd and sponsors. Each spectator will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite cars to win prizes and a chance to compete in a “shootout” at the end of the day. There will be a class for favorite Ford, favorite Chevy, favorite BOP (Buick/Olds/Pontiac), and favorite Mopar. Spectators cast their votes for each category at strategically located voting booths throughout the manufacturer’s midway. The top four cars from each brand will be selected and announced live. All 16 cars compete to defend their brand in a single-elimination – bracket- tournament. One brand and one racer is left standing to receive the coveted “Manufacturer’s Cup.

The voting will be handled through a high-tech text voting platform that works accross all phone carriers. Spectators will cast their vote from the comfort of the stands and we will handle the rest!

  • Any American made, factory produced car or truck permitted. Must be a door car

Be sure to read the bottom few paragraphs.

It’s billed as a celebration of a lifestyle-community of racers who love the sport of grassroots drag racing, fast cars and great music.
But it’s much more than that. From the producers of PINKS brings a series of regional drag racing events held around the country to combine the racing with a festival atmosphere, a manufacturer’s midway and a car show.

This will be our first two-day event! We will have qualifying for all race classes on Saturday and eliminations on Sunday. For Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw Drag Radial, a last chance qualifying round will be allowed in the morning on Sunday.

This event will also have an “All Run” Gambler’s race for electronics and non-electronics cars. Qualifying time runs for these classes will be held on Saturday as well. There is something for everyone with American Muscle at 1320X! Dragsters are welcome in the electronics class.

Event registration will be handled by Lebanon Valley Dragway. More info can be found at

See you there!!

Voting for the Manufacturer’s Cup will be done during qualifying on Saturday. Text voting will be between 9:00am and 4:00pm on Saturday. We will announce the 16 car field for the Manufacturer’s Cup at 5:00pm on Saturday. Good Luck!

HOWEVER< FOR THE !ST TIME NATES CONSIDERING IMPORTS AT LVD… he posted a poll in the LVD section of the 1320x forum yesterday!!!

Here was the post: #1 07-30-2008, 12:35 AM
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Imports in 1320X?

I want some feedback from you guys on this. 1320X is a celebration of the American Muscle car and always will be. Given the recent unfortunate demise of the NOPI series I have been fielding numerous requests to allow imports into our fields. I have included a poll here and would like to see what kind of response we get. Something like this decision requires input from our core group. After all…1320X is for racers, by racers. I had the opportunity to race at NOPI and thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the crew and all the racers. Unfortunately, I have suffered in the past from having a race class that I raced in deleted so I do not want to take this lightly. Please vote and feel free to provide your input.


BOTTOM LINE SHIFT 518 Guys is that nate wants votes: Tgis is the 1st and maybe only opportunity for imports to get involved, and its a poll… its 50-50 as of this minute… join the sites…go through the crap and vote so we can see ray race code blue :slight_smile:

And from Nate, the Producer…

Originally Posted by hemibeesteve
What’s up guys just a quick question I see all the talk of these insanely fast cars coming to race. Would it be even worth it for me to bring my Superbee which runs in the mid 12’s to the event. will i have a chance?

Nate Replies:
You bet! We have a class for everyone with a domestic at 1320X. You can run in the manufacturer’s cup, non-electronics bracket race, or the grudge category

voted yes