Site looks good!

I have a dirty, ugly and sometimes busted car…wow, I just realized that sounds like some of my women. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope to get twelves sometimes this summer in my eclipse, but the FWD hurts my vaginal cavity.

sometimes busted?

yea, understatement

FWD sucks

nice I got a date later on in the week can I borrow your car?


wow… they will let anyone on here i guess… even the mighty skrappar…

neighborhood sure has gone to shit real quick…

:wave: Hank…king of Napa

its a frucking hyundai you fagmo


Fuck you…

Fuck you…

Fuck you…

You cool…

and especially FUCK YOU.

Thanks for the warm welcome… :banghead:

lol dsms are gay

I love you Joe… I’ll go fuck myself now. :o