Results/Winners from Dyno Day Round 2!

I’m going to post the winners for now and all the results, graphs, pics, etc. next week when we’re back open after the holiday.

Today’s Overall Winner and 6+ Cyl Power Adder Class Winner:
Ken Wlasinkski’s 03 Mustang SVT Cobra
435.4 whp / 422 lb/ft

Today’s 6+ Cyl NA Class Winner:
Jon Miranda’s 01 Corvette
351.7 whp / 397 lb/ft

Today’s 4 Cyl Power Adder Class Winner:
Russ Mistretta’s 98 Civic Hatch
346.6 whp / 219 lb/ft

Today’s 4 Cyl NA Class Winner:
Aaron Avellanosa’s 03 RSX Type-S
191.7 whp / 138 lb/ft

We ran 16 cars, so each winner receives $55 bucks and Ken gets an extra $15 for being top dog. Thank you to everyone who came out. I had a great time again and look forward to seeing all of you at the next event!

Mike McGinnis
Innovative Tuning

i wish i woulda been there to represent the 4 cyl power adder class, but looks like it was a great turnout!

:tup: to innovative and mike for running this ish

:tup: good stuff mike

Whens the next one?

Looks like a wicked good time…

Nice #'s for those cars too… I’m impressed.

Awesome numbers by everyone :tspry:

great numbers from everyone. cobra was pretty sweet. had a front mount to go with it too.

:tup: good times, hopefully next time i can actually go ON the dyno instead of just watching :stuck_out_tongue:

^^ you better

nice numbers congrats :tup:

nice :tup:

wish i could have made it out today…but work owned me…

perhaps next time :slight_smile:


Worked until 4, then the nephew’s b-day until about 8. Sooner or later I’m gonna be able to attend some of these events… :sigh:

and again i forgot…

Good #'s for everyone :tup:

i’m guessing it was judged on whp and not tq? if 138 tq won anything i’d be shocked

holy jesus nice powAh russ

don’t worry, im coming out soon…unless you focks threw shit in my intake while the kaa was sitting there today…

good times :tup: thanks again to mike for running the event seemlessly and doing an awesome job! i’ll post up some pics of the front mount tomorrow :snky:

did you end up losing power with the front mount, or was it THAT hot out? i remember you putting down more the other day when i was out thurr…

i think it was from the heat cuz it was WAY hotter today than it was a few weeks ago. last time i ran the car it was like 65 degrees out with low humidity, today was like 90 and death, lol

shoulda busted out the fire extinguisher :eek: