Ride for Roswell


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been pretty social media savy in the past (FB and Instagram) but I figured I would open up to this forum since $500 is a lot to raise.

A little backstory: Cancer sucks. I’ve lost 4 family members in the past 2 years to pancreatic, colon and lung cancer. Two of those family members within months of each other. Every year for the past 5 years now I have participated in Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s Ride for Roswell fundraiser. This year I have stepped up my game. I am riding 26 miles (starts in Buffalo, NY and rides through Ontario, CA). My goal is to reach $500.

Here’s where I would like to be creative: I am willing to make a custom laser-engraved wooden drink coaster set (I teach engineering and have access to crazy equipment) to whomever donates the highest amount.

Please make sure to include your username if you do donate so I can reach out to you!!

Here is the link with more information!