Rochester Subway tunnel's

I went there last night and check it out with a few people. Pretty cool place to check out.

Here are some alright pics

it was way to tdark to get any kindof decnt pic in there.

btw if anyone else is intrested into going to places like these check out

They are filling them in soon

yes in septemeber. in july we are having a bbq there to celebrate the last day there.

Looks Dark

ahh yes, a party to celebrate where the bums live and hookers shoot smack

how long has the subway been abandonded for??

20-30 years i think

thats too bad, i just hope that one day they do somethig cool with the buffalo central terminal, that building is the shiznit.

hahaha :word:

aw man, i wish i could share a dusty, debris-filled burger with you

Don’t fall in the Genesee river, heh.

Looks like something straight out of Ghostbusters.

looks nice a nice place for a first date !!!

Ghostbusters 2… Geez…

sounds fun!

“The Rochester Subway… For When No Means Yes”

watch out for those orbs :bloated:

pretty nice place to practice my voo-doo skills

id like to walk around and check it out if you guys go back.