Roe v. Wade Struck Down by SCOTUS

So how many “mostly peaceful” riots will there be tonight/this weekend?

God I love living in the suburbs lol.

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i’m actually indifferent to this decision since it doesnt affect me or anyone i care about.

understand why it is devisive but also impressed that the judges are actually upholding the founding documents…jelly.

Definitely going to be some protests

I’m pro-choice, but I understand how Roe v Wade was a terrible decision.

Hell, even Ginsburg knew it was bad:





no comment :wink:



I enjoy Barbill hot wings and Duff’s super hot, but I might OD on the spice of the memes tonight.

Edit: Had one of our friends over tonight to swim and she’s talking about how her dad is going on and on about how much better things were under Trump even if he did tweet some questionable shit. Me, just being good, sipping my double IPA, refusing to engage because I’d like some sexy time later.
Her: “I feel so bad for these moms who can’t find formula”.
Me: (wife looking at me like please no): “Weapons hot, clear downrange… I don’t feel bad until I ask them who they voted for. If they say Biden, I say fuck you, you’re getting what you voted for! If they say Trump then I say sorry, and offer to help them find some formula”.
Wife: (giving me that look of FFS)


can anyone tell me why this decision happened now?

for example, were their teams funding cases that were being pushed in the lower courts up to the SCOTUS?

the timing cannot be random

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Let’s just make it a holiday? I mean, both sides would run with it.

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Follow up to last post


I too think there is something to the timing.

If they had not leaked, the decision, I bet we would have had it earlier.
Anywhere near mid-terms would be terrible politically.

I also enjoy arguing about this with my daughter.
People seem to have such a hard time defining a person.

I never get a straight answer for when that clump of cells becomes a human.

zoomg if i had a daughter right now…

non-existent daughter: dad, i’m so upset that you’re not upset about R. v. W being struck down. It’s my right.

Me to non-existent daughter: don’t let strange men cum in you?!?!

Then i would break out the reverse psychology… hey non-existent daughter, i know you’re upset at me but please don’t get so upset at me that you let strange men cum in you just to get back at me.

I already do this with my boys when i have to be mean-dad… he son, i know you’re upset but please don’t get so upset at me (for not buying you that laptop) that you change your gender and let strange men cum in you.