ROFL chick got bitch slapped

rofl wtf??? she looked like she passed out after that

LOL…knocked her ass right out!

dumb bitch, “don t hold back” i guess she deserved it but still kinda graphic, i wouldnt hit a girl even if she told me to personaly.

haha. that works better than ether!!

i hope they raped her after that.

wow … now thats a smart girl … :bloated:

lol idiot… and yay for the Cosby Show.


‘you got knocked the fuck out man’


they were drunk , who hasnt done anything stupid when they were wasted

lol went down like a ton of bricks.

hey … she wanted it … cant imagine what kinda freak the girl is in bed considering she likes being beaten w/ clothes on

I still dont think I could hit a woman… Even if they enticed it… I couldn’t do it.

Oh well she got what she asked for… he didn’t hold back, and she’s on the floor…

haha … i know a few girls i wouldnt mind leaving a mark on …

better yet … i wanna be like 3 steps away when someone else does it … that way i can laugh hystericly after witch and yell “bitch, you deserved that shit !”