Runners: Spit or Swallow?

So i have been running recently, a little more than a mile. and im not sure if i should spit or swallow the saliva that seems to accumulate in my mouth.

atleast one legit answer would suffice, otherwise let the flaming begin… lol

:gay2: i know, but i had to ask.




If you’re on a treadmill at the gym… Definitely spit. :stuck_out_tongue:

One would think that 100,000 years of homo sapien evolution would have been able to answer this question for you.

i ran cross country in high school. i never had an accumulation of spit in my mouth when running. my mouth was always ridiculously dry. do you run with your mouth shut or something?

spitting requires you to break your breathing pace. I agree with SVT that I almost never get saliva, only after the run. But when I run I have little to worry about other than just running my ass off, it can run out of my mouth and down my shirt for all I care.

yeah. you should be concentrating on your breathing. not whether or not you’re gonna spit. and dont spit. you’ll only dehydrate yourself quicker(even though you’re only running a mile)

it was always great waiting at the finish line, watching everyone come in. so many people pissed their pants. there would always be one poor guy that shit all over the place.

WTF? where do you run?!?!

and i usually spit if needed. I drink a lot of water before i run so it’ll happen a few times a minute for me. I never really pay attention to my breathing or my stride and I run my 2 mile run right around 13:30… if i knew how to “properly” run i could knock a lot of time off

Sounds stupid but try chewing on a piece of gum while you run. You dont really have to chew it once you get going but while you are warming up, chomp the shit out of it and then just let it sit in the side of your mouth while you run chewing when you need to. I used to run track and X country in HS and this was a method that I was taught to keep your mind off of anything mouth related. Try it. If it doesnt work for you, spit it out.

That will only confuse him more. Now he has to worry about spitting out the gum… and then… possibly spitting out saliva as well.

yeah it doesnt really matter weather you spit or swallow your saliva. In wrestling poeple would spit just because its that much less weight (not that it really made a huge differance). But yeah, its not like swallowing saliva will add calories or anything.