S&P Meet: Stakes is high - JUNE 19, 2011 @ Downsview Park (GPK)


The 2nd S&P meet of 2011 is just days away! Over 150 cars killer cars showed last month, setting the bar for who’s on top in the wheel fitment game.

We’ll be giving away ONE $50 fuel certificate courtesy of Shell V-Power for new S&P forum registrants on-site and running our first Twitter contest LIVE @ the meet (you must follow us on Twitterto participate) You won’t want to miss this one!

Woot, Stakes IS High!


i never understand why this is at gpk

I dont think its a bad place at all. Quite central to most people. From your place just roll down the 400 and its like 10 minutes from the highway

Ill be at gpk from noon onwards. Come say hi!

like the location, dislike some of the staff

It’s not really inside GPK, S&P just uses the nice big parking lot and go-karting and food/drinks is just a bonus to have.

It’s nice and central as well, like Cal mentioned.

ill be there, sq1 meeting?

bah sundays suck for me! next one

It was nice to see you all show up.

As for the reason why it is at GPK, it is just like Cal and Samson said, the location is very prime. It is very central for people to come from all parts of the city and surrounding areas, the lot is very large, and there are venues which are good for food, drinks, go karting, and washrooms.

Next one is at Import Expo :slight_smile: