S13 to S14 Conversion harness

Some of you know, I bought an S14(1998) KAT for my S13(1991), I’ve converted the S14 motor to S13 by swapping the lower intake, dizzy, and throttle body, So its good to go, But the computer is an AEM programmable ecu(for S14), so obviously im going to use that computer to run the car. Ive done the majority of the wiring but ive got some that don’t match up, so I would appreciate it if someone could take the time to point my in the right direction.

S13: (if its in brackets its the pin number)

Cooling fan relay (9), The S14 has 2? (I would imagine its for a low and high speed?)

Data link connector (15)

Swirl control valve (25)

Throttle signal output (28 ) this is for A/T only, and since mines auto, what do i do with this wire?

Sensor ground (29) What sensor? What do i put it to?

Crankshaft ref. signal (30) no match on the S14 pinout?

Crankshaft pos. signal (31) no match on s14 pinout?

Throttle pos. sensor power supply (37) Can i link this to any 5v power supply?

Crankshaft pos. signal (40) theres a “crankshaft position OBD sensor (53)” on the s14, but it says “not used” do i put those together?

4th pos. switch (42) Theres a 5th pos. switch on the s14 (7) but i wouldnt think these go together?

Secondary air inj. solenoid (102)

EGR control solenoid valve (105) No EGR on my motor, but it sounds important lol

Idle aux. air control valve (113)

The S13 also has 2 “back up power supply” (46, 109) S14 has one. Can i put them both together?

ok, now S14… Lots of emission stuff here i think.

EVAP purge control valve (5)

EVAP purge control valve (6)

5th pos. switch (7)

A/C press. Sw (9)

Cooling fan HIGH relay (13)

Cooling fan LOW relay (14)

EVAP purge control valve (16)

EVAP purge control valve (17)

Throttle closed switch (27)

A/C FICD (37)

Cam pos. ref. signal: theres two (40 and 44)

sensor power supply (49) TPS?

Absolute press. (66)

EVAP press. (87)

MAP/BARO switch (69 lol)

IACV-AAC open valve (101)

EGRC solenoid valve (103)

EVAP canister purge (105)

Current return (113)

REC relay (114)

Front oxygen sensor heater (115)

Vacuum cut bypass valve (117)

And thats all…100 million internets to whoever helps me solve this.



Don’t think your going to have to many responses

That’s a lot of wiring to convert I know your probably trying to save the cash however you really only have 3 options

1 figure it out on your own

2 sell it and get the s13 one

3 pay someone to hook it up

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Not meant to be harsh just think the guys on the board don’t want to feel responsible for butchering your aem.

Best of luck.

I want to get the s13 one, but i dont want to have to get it retuned

Nobody wants to help me out? Anyone have one of those conversion harnesses? For plugging an S13 computer into an S14? Its backwards but all i need to know is what hooks to what.