S13 Yellow Fogs

I’ve looked around and done some searching, especially on zilvia and 240sxforums. I want to install some yellow fogs on the coupe. Has anyone done this before. Basically three options, I think I’ll be doing the first one. Probably hook them up separate with its own switch.

Question: Would any of these be opposed to our requirements for DTRL’s?

BTW have half-clears for sale, would trade for a pair of the grills.

Which do you prefer?

  1. Grill w/ fogs

  2. Fogs retrofit into DTRL’s or Yellow Tint DTRL’s

  3. Fogs installed separate from others

numba 2 for sure. Just don’t tint the lens.

Keeps an O.E look with the lights. Which imo is nice.

Separate fogs are okay; if done properly. Nothing retarded looking. Mounted properly and cleanly. And for legality issues (as well as lookin stupid issues) not having the DTRL’s always on due to a blown brake switch/headlight unit.

Do it dude. Sick

#2 forsure.

Yeah, I’d want to retrofit some lexus yellow fogs bulbs. Love it everytime I see a lexus with those fogs on.

the second pic looks like its just amber 1156 parking light bulbs in the DRL housing

im not sure if this is what you meant but i dont think you want to put H3 55w fog light bulbs behind a plastic DRL lens

I like the ones on the pignose. #3

It does look like an 1156A. I thought that earlier. But not hard enough to care…or mention.

To retrofit another bulb…would be nice. Yet. Like Mike says, the lens may not handle the heat.

I would be worried about that…and your pattern. Who knows. T&E!?!

The ones on the piggy look like the oem fogs, i like #1 and #2, i like #1 cause it doesent look like you have fogs

I’m using half clears with the usdm grills modified to fit a projector type fog light. I have HID’s in them and they work great.

Get lots of good comments on them here…

Easy to do and cheap.

That looks pretty sweet. Hmm.

Have you tried it with the grilles painted to match the car?

I like #2 and #3 but I voted for #3 cause the pignose is growin’ on me…

Yes…looked wrong.

At least for me it did.

Good to know lol.

Blue S13 that looks sexxed playa

well done.

From the site I got that pic from, apparently #2 is just tinted dtrls. No, no not putting those bulbs in stock drl lens. I wonder if I was able to obtain H3s with their proper housing and custom fit them to sit behind the grills, would enough heat still be produced to cause a problem? Unless i could find proper lenses that fit the chuki bumper perfectly, so I wouldn’t have to mask any gaps/imperfections behind the grills.

BlueS13, that’s another option, looks good!

choice number 3. PIGNOSE 4 LIFE SON!!!

hobby shop - yellow tint - done.

i would do option #1.
get some oem fogs, wire them to a seperate switch, and stick some 3000k hids in them :slight_smile:

i dont know about you guys, but i dont really like the idea of fogs as DTRL. i like to turn them on seperatley at night, and not have them on ALL the time because they look dumb during the day. plus its extra baller status turning them on whenever you want imo

the Dtrl’s are not fogs … they cant light up the road as good as aftermarket fogs

Hid’s + dtrl = recipe for failure

my setup, seperate fogs they are bosch pilot 150 you can get them at canadian tire. dont mind the dtrl pig tails hanging.

headlights and fog lights on

just fog lights on