Sale on Everything Fujita

Got some decent stuff. Let me know what you need. And i’ll let you know how inexpensive its going to be.



I dont even know what that is, but if its cheap, i’ll take it.

do it jaywonch.

mmm…i love fajitas actually

I STILL NEED TO FIGURE HOW TO MOUNT MY RADAR DETECTOR to my bike… id actually love to have place on the bike where i could mount my phone to… and gps… not at the same time but a mount that would work… can hybrid make my dreams come true?

Will, stop in thursday with the bike. I will take it out and see where the optimal place to mount it would be :wink: And then I will have Matt look at it too.


Don’t will! He’ll steal it!

I’ll protect you though.

Thanks Jay. Installed it tonight.

no really though, what does fujita make

and the first google seach comes up with…

unless Hybrid is now specializing in tornado analysis, I think that is the correct site.

mmmmm intake for vrsiqqqqq

working this week… 2-10s and 11a-11p… ill have to find time to get out there mid week i think :slight_smile: thanks