Saratoga Best Buy-5/12

Jim (KillerBlackbird) and I, for the lack of something better to do, are planning on heading down there this Saturday at around 830PM. Curious if anyone else is interested…I know that a few of the regulars from here have hung out there before.

id be interested in doing something as long as the weather is nice, i havent been out to meet up with anybody this year

Let me know the next time you are meeting there, I can’t this Saturday going to be at Bakerians wedding.

As long as the weather holds out ill come up.

lmk next date, booked up this weekend

would definitely head out there… be a nice cruise up

Sounds good!

NP-Apparently this is the spot until LG starts up…?

Might come up and check it out

ill be in LG may swing through if i dont cruise the sacandaga home

Not sure, I know people have been going to Mohawk commons, but I haven’t been out this year.

If I get out of work on time I will cruise by. It would be nice to actually meet some of you guys.

i’ll probably come out… SOAD, 4-day FTW :wink:

i may swing by went a few weeks ago there was a good turnout

I’ll come through

I’m section 2 so it will be day one of days, but my section has a 12 hour rule so if I show up at 5:30AM I can leave at 5:30PM. As long as I drag myself out of bed Saturday morning to get in early I shouldn’t have a problem.

if im out of hosp ill go , if im still here u fuckers need to see me lol

Jim is not coming now, but Will (toomanycamaros) is going to ride down with me. I guess Larry and some turbo Honda from Ti are coming also…be there around 830-9.

I have yet to meet anyone from here really so, 90% sure I am game ill have a 100% answer in a couple hrs, If i do go I have a ridiculous looking chin strap beard and prolly wearing one of my camaro hoodies lol… and riding in a Automatic white Neon…

May stop by gotta see what’s goin on.

Ill still be there, Bringing a buddy of mine thats not on the forum. Ill be in the ITR nose Integra :number1

getting ready to go out and wash the tahoe… see y’all tonight