Sascha Groell's s13

So doing my usual speedhunters read up i came across this sweet machine today. I don’t know if anyone has seen this thing or if I’m just late on seeing this but man oh man I personally think this 13 looks sick! I know it’s probably not to everyone’s taste but I thought I would just share it with everyone anyways. hope you like.

that looks pretty rad

i really want a rocket bunny front bumper

unique and bad ass double win feels muscular, yet low profile and low profile and what i mean by that it seems sleek and low yet isnt ricer slammed. The roofline feels low and the black arches give it a uniqueness somehow in contrast to the orange. I dunno i like it alot

Colour scheme kills it for me… Orange, black… and white??

Otherwise looks pretty good.

i dunno it feels very summery in the sun haha

Im not digging the wheels. The rest is awesome… For a hatch back :wink: