Screw NYSpeed and the whole lot of you

Bye fggts.

:repost: why so angry?



awwww…someone must have had some shitty chicken wings at Zebb’s last nite…

Jay Wonch gets todays award for Attention Whoring.

The details, they are overwhelming my soul


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who is eviljay anyways? nigga aint even on my radar

peace bitch

edit: i may feel bad if you /life though and i said what i said so lmk ok

who, what… did we miss some kind of ubrf style drama?

what is going on here?

Peace fggt.


wow what a tool


No…Jay Wonch is just a big sissy. He cant handle the fact that he hasnt started a good thread in over a month and he has no + karma all up in his user CP to cheer him up about his pathetic existance every day.

lol i cant give karma till like noon…

so are we all suppose to be insulted cause hes leaving the forum?


either way i say ban or infraction for thread title! lol