Screw you Carlislers!

So is there anyone else off the site besides me whos NOT gonna be at Carlisle this weekend? :lolham: I really wanted to go this year but the combination of getting my car done and having to get it tuned this weekend out of state kept me from going. Dang. Would have been fun to hang out with all my nyspeed homies for the weekend and make fun of badly modded cars :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyways, I am off to Maryland tomorrow with Oroc to get a few last mods installed on teh Cobra, and get it tuned right on for a blower tune, and also hopefully for my nawsss tune as well. If all goes well I hope to hit the dyno sometime next week :slight_smile: And the track shortly there after. So who else isnt doing the carlisle thing? Whats your excuse? Or are you just a huge loser? :ham:

i would prob get laughed at if i took my truck. :lol:

o yeah and im not going

if i had a car worth going in i might have…

why I think your truck is pretty nice. :gotme: Get her shined up sweet and I am sure you wuold get some looks from the muscle truck crowd :tup:

What’s wrong with the R/T, not ricey enough?

not going. hhaha. we sould have a meet sunday night. my car will be done w/ its suspenions / wheels then.

no carlisle…have exams on saturday and work :bloated:

as for you, getting your car running right > carlisle

:word: broseph.

Yo bud, thanks again for hooking me up with your stock rims/tires for the trip down. My DRs would have been SHOT from the highway trip for sure. You’re the man now dogg. :tup: :smiley:

iam home althoguh i should go but oh well

i will also be…oh wait. no no…i am going :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: Have fun brotha.

LOL…i’ll try. Just hope i can make it. Hopefully everything is fixed with my car

I wouldn’t go if you paid me…

good luck with the car, I am not going, i wanted to but just too much work in the shop. Give a call when you get back when you need the bottle filled :stuck_out_tongue:

haha thanks, will do :tup: I dont plan on using it often, but i know once i get the dual purge working i will turn into a HUGE ricer and just drive around everywhere purging at every red light for absolutely no reason at all :tup: That alone will keep me comign in for my weekly fillup :smiley:

weekly? I smell bi-weekly. I am also not going to carlisle… hopin to make some decent bank this weekend.

if anything, i will go to the all-truck or all-mopar one. i will prob go to the all-mopar one because i would assume i would find more R/Ts there, and one of my main purposes of going would be to check out other R/Ts and get some ideas for my own.

not going, cuz i could care less about it

i always want to go to Carlisle buuuuuuuuuuut my dedication to Stock car racing @ lancaster speedway has always prevented me from going. Soo hopefully ill be getting a lil sauced up with bladez tonight and watching the game.Relaxing tommaro then going to the track on sunday.

I cant wait to see the pics/vids from Josh with his new beast… Have fun everyone

Turkey hunting season is open. Heading to my 75 acres in Chautauqua county to KILL a big ugly bird. Yes, I hunt, kill, and eat animals, get over it.:smiley: