Search function not working?


Searched Cadillac trying to update the ATS-V thread and only came up with threads from 2006


way to go @Onyx_Z32

We are aware and I have to try something over the weekend to get it to reindex.


Use google


Yeah I caused it a week ago. Search was coming up with results that it shouldn’t and needed to be re-indexed. Unfortunately what should have been simple didn’t want to cooperate.


Not sure if that is a joke, I tried that earlier today and I got the malware warning at work.


Any chance you can merge in my old nyspeed profile from the shift518 merger?

I ended up losing all that old stuff :frowning:


@tpgsr I’ll try to re-index again tonight unless you’ve got another plan.

Still in the queue of things to do. We’re getting to it but function issues are taking precedence at the moment.


I’ll be honest dude, don’t kill yourself. I don’t really care thaaaat much. The old threads and the post count are cool and all… but im good.



Bump. There are a bunch of people searching at the moment and they’re likely to get incomplete results.

However the good news is that I’ve coaxed the indexing into working and it hasn’t failed in the past 24 hours…

… so far…


Did you cuddle with it all night to keep it interested?


That’s not too far off actually.


@tpgsr you’ll appreciate this… Everything is moving along as normal when all of a sudden my cable & internet drops… I take a look out of my window and see a TWC guy up on a lift at the pole holding my cable line in his hand. I step outside and say “What the Fuck?!” He sees me and says “Sorry!”


It wasn’t down for too long though and appears to still be running as normal.


Well TWC took down service in my area today for too long and the process didn’t finish. Starting things over again…

Really wishing that server side indexing worked right about now.


it does… I read that it is just as reliable as what you are doing though.


Well as long as the wind storm today doesn’t take out my power hopefully it will get done… by Monday, lol.


Still not done but making slow progress. I’m basically turning a hand crank at this point.


Indexing is done! @tpgsr

It took about 1 month + 1 week to finish… brutal.

I won’t celebrate fully until @LZ1 says our search is now as accurate as Google :slight_smile: