selected for photo of the DAY 1-24-09

each day they select a winner, then top 3 at end of the month win some sick Canon photo printers

hiyoo, they have some sharpening software that sharpens every photographer’s submitted pic i hate it, but cool nonetheless

very cool pic.

THe competition looks pretty stiff, so good luck!

that picture is crazy, nice work

Wonder if they know that picture was taken in your room… And if I remember right is a dude. :lol:

Sara has a penis?

i just got a 16x24 print of this and submitted for the members exhibition at CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, i hope it gets put UP and i hope someone BUYS it


Beautiful pic, wish we could vote and help ya out. What camera are you using? I’ve got a Cannon G9 that I was saving up to buy a new lense for but… my roommate dropped the camera off my car’s roof. =\

nikon D50… ya no voting, i hate asking for votes anywhere anyway