Several new PB's for the Talon! (140+ Mph inside)

So had the car out last night and all I can say is it was f*cking cold, I believe around 5 deg’s. So needless to say with 18’s and not being able to do a burn out my traction even with AWD was severely limited in the first couple of gears. I was fighting a miss which I have tracked down to some old plugs. :banghead: Now on to the good. Slowest pass of the night was a 10.7@141.15 Mph. So that was good but I was plagued with high 1.8 and 1.9 60FT’s due to not being able to get any heat into my tires. I was just glad to break the 140Mph barrier I’m now the first Import In Alberta to break 130Mph, and the only to break 140Mph. I’m pretty sure also the first to break 100Mph in the 1/8th and the first and only to break 110Mph in the 1/8th. I have a plan to hopefully put some of this excess power down to the track, and I would like to thank my friend Will for fabing me a trick steel replacement Rear Diff housing. I couldn’t have gone past the 50Ft mark without it. :worship: I still have alot of boost left to play with and all these runs are done off the bottle. I well hopefully post vids later on.

i was watching you on friday…that bitch is mean! good times…congrats!

Were you at Castrol on Aug 3rd? I think I saw you there and wanted to see what your Talon could do, but something broke and you never got a run in, dissapointing. Good to see you got some hot runs in!

Yeh I ripped the rear end off the car! :axe:

Ouch. :huh

Very sweet car, unfortunatly I did not see your runs because I was also running all night. That Talon sounds MEAN. Congrats on the times, glad you were able to run. For a while there it looked like we were going to be rained out.

How did you make out? I saw only one of your runs.

13.6@100… My best 60’ was a 1.8

My car is pretty much stock, just a catback exhaust and intakes. Time for some downpipes, boost controller and a decat. I hope to be in the high 12s with those mods until I do a full build. Still at stock boost, 0.65 bar.

It was my first time at the strip, my first run I beat a new STI, my 13.8 to his 13.9.

Yeh I think I saw you run a 13.7 if I recall, but like I say only saw you run the car once. Nice looking car, I’m starting to like blue more and more.

I really like your Talon, looks really clean.

So I ran a 1.8 60’, the STi ran a 2.1 and you ran a 1.8 I would say traction was a bit of an issue. I would assume if the track and temp was ideal we would be lower, maybe a 1.6 60’? I imagine your 60’ would be better being lighter under ideal circumstances.

Just had my car painted a few months ago, its now 350z daytona blue, 2 tone with a black roof. I like it, bit different I guess.

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