shady resort?

seems my friend got a “smoking” deal on some all inclusive tickets last winter for this winter. trip for 2 to mexico, $600 US. so he took it, and talked me into it also. now i guess they’re hitting him with all these hidden things. like if we go during peak season, it’s not all inclusive, and will cost us $100 a day for unlimited food/drink. and a few other things, i forget what he said exactly.

he didn’t book this through any kind of agent he says. just through the resort itself. now, i dunno about you, but this smells fishy as hell to me. always did. what do you guys think?

i’m not really into going out of country not really knowing anything for sure. he said the resort wasn’t on the beach, and it was lagoon something or other. i dunno. really not sure at all about this.

Post up the resort name, maybe someone on here has been there and can give you some more details about the place. But i think a bunch of places do that peak season stuff but don’t charge you extra per-say, just have a higher fee from the start.