Shift518 W.o.T.


Thanks everybody



Not 900whp figure around 750. We did a test pass before that no launch and let off at the 1/8 to see where boost was at then turned it up. the logging cable came off during the run so were not sure what its running.



deff a nice pass


wow VERY impressive esp at 750! eddie was rippn too!


congrats. so sick.


fuckin lovin it. congrats!




How was the 10 sec run a winner ? Lolol Ummmmm


thats what the slip is going to say when he races “Super Turbo”…LOL “WINNER EBAY” All jokes aside nice run, turn it UP!!!


What the slower of the 2 cars ? Lol


He won because of reaction times


Congrats man… awesome car.


Please update the list. New pass best 10.84 @132

Brian Decker- 1992 Acura Integra RS


We should have to post slips for proof.


Quote from op

**If there is any issues/revolts about somebody’s time, the time will be removed untill time slip and video of the run is provided for proof.

And will update in a sec.


Ah alright. Just was saying because anyone could come on here and say whatever when someone doesnt know for sure. Other forums im on require a slip to be posted at first but alright i see :slight_smile:


car number 65


I dont want you to think i was directing it at you or implying you were bullshitting i was just saying in general


UPDATE: mine too its not 11.2 its 10.9@131 for super turbo…