Shift518 W.o.T.


What did you really run? How many passes did you get in? Place was fucking packed.


look at the slip, the break down is on there. this was like 4 or 5 weeks ago.


I don’t have Facebook. Car looked good yesterday, only got to see the first run.

If only ran 10.9 than I am Jesus.


The black car with gold rims?


no 10.9 was the green car, the black car went 9.96 @ 147 on very low boost, just getting the 60 and 330 setup.


What power were you at with the black car?


I was talking about the black car. Def awesome time and trap for the first time out. Can only imagine what this thing will be running.


i will see in two week at MIR Import Vs Domestic. i have new slicks and rims that will help my 60 and 330. low low 9s


You going to atco next week right? Big mopar event like last year. Gonna be getting my jeep tuned and hopefully get some good passes.


yea i might…jeep looks sick. should be a beast after the tune.


Just moved up a spot with a 10.67@126…will post a slip later. Still on a 100 shot.




Gregg smith 10.63 @129


94 just went 10.47@133.6 on motor today at etown!




yea and my car has fly cut pistons…


Volvo went 9.27 today


Yeah and Richie didn’t get fucked in his ape ass


oh oh ohhhhhh lmaoooo


Which vehicle?

Your new delivery van?