short story. true. old. semi-funny. denny's related.




holy shit! that was good!


If he did it i would have stapped him.


i just got in soooo much trouble for laughing uncontrolably in class.

Anyone need something sandblasted?? Rotors machined??
Stickers are illigal in MA.
Stickers are illigal in MA.





nice. you should start writing a book about all these funny little occurences like this and the dog with the air horn. and then in a few years when you have enough of them you can publish that shit lol.

PC owners drive 240 v.Mac hate*vid*
Stickers are illigal in MA.

thanks guys. and yes, picturing the kid from a christmas story is about right. I was going to mention that, but i forgot.


Poor Ralphie… First the BB in the eye, then this. Kid can’t catch a break…

PC owners drive 240 v.Mac hate*vid*
Great deal on a k20 hatch

omg. awesome…very good read. lol.

The new ride

dog with airhorn? link?

nevermind. i found it.




I gotta link it, because I’m sure most are too lazy to search…

I still lol when I read that.

However, not to crap on Newman’s story telling ability, but this is still WAY funnier.


same thing happened to me in canada but with a civic not a van…its priceless


At this point I am already laughing my ass off, vision in my mind finished it for me, no need to even read the rest although I did.


A++++++ WOULD READ AGAIN!!!11!

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i uusally dont like reading long threads that are off topic… BUT since i read the dog air horn one i knew it would be worth it

lemme say you didnt let me down



Project Notch

maybe you should tell a few more tales about the rolet.

“hey let me turn up the radio ill be right back”