short story. true. old. semi-funny. denny's related.



“did you gys beat him up because he was black???!!!”


seriously that story is wayyyyy better.

actually we were involved in a lot of zany adventures that make for good story telling


do tell.

my favorite is when you guys were driving back from that party at haenszel’s dad’s house way back in the day and you pulled over to sleep and were a couple miles from home. :lol:

[Supra content ] Snapped a few pics today

haha the party where we pull up, get out of the car, and walker is doing a massive burnout on the dirtbike in the garage???

good times


that’s the one.

“where’s all that smoke coming from in the garage?”

“oh, that’s just walker doing burnouts on the dirtbike.”

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hahahha i believe that was the same party that me and newman were using the bo and arrows to shoot darts from 50 ft away while people were on either side of our playing field… :shoot:

ahhhh good times… bring back 3 years ago please :slight_smile:

pjb killed santa




that was the same party. we used to have way more fun back then. effectively, women ruined everything. :lol:

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i held on for dear life. and i kicked that black kid off. there was plenty of room, he was just a nigger. the lady from healthco was priceless.

how about that riced out sunfire that fucked with you the whole drive back from clifton hill on the qew, all to end in your black sti being covered in big gulp. jumping rr tracks… x-gf’s getting drenched in long island iced teas…

fuckin a man. fuckin a.

East End Meet..again.. Saturdays 9pm@ Salem & 401

fantastic writing skills


i want the 5 min of my life it took to read that hunk of shit…


Bump. I was searching for something else and came across this, lol.


Kinda sad seeing all the people that don’t post anymore.


The reasons why are as many as the users. Can you believe this thread is 12 years old? @newman