Should it stay or should it go (Audi A3)


@jeller , i’ve been reading up on that this morning. Minor bummer, but whatever. My initial impression is that they were identical underneath. This seems to be one of the only major differences however. It appears that this is the same for '18 as well but i’m still digging.

I’m still a year out probably on a drop, but I want to do it right. Will keep researching.

Edit; and thank you. I am stoked on it. I went with Grey. I would have preferred white but the closest white one was 475 miles away and despite shopping my quote against them, they couldn’t beat the deal I got.


Nice, the gray will look great. I love the sportwagens with the OEM votex kit on them


Thanks man, i’m stoked. Know of anywhere I can snag a front lip on the cheap? That’s probably where i’ll start body wise for now.

I got the crossbars on the deal, and I would love to snag a box like the picture above. The OEM VW is stupid money, so probably Thule/yaki on craigslist.

The more I research, the more this seems like the proper drop method for me. ED seems like a quality brand and they are a short drive from me in SoCal. May have to check 'em out sooner rather than later.


These guys are typically the cheapest on VW parts

That suspension does look good, much better than any of the other spring options out there. For the cost give it a try…


On a completely unrelated note…any of you VW guys have room in a garage to help with rear brakes and end links on my MK6 GTI? I would do it in my driveway but this weather isn’t cooperating. The Miata is taking up all the room at the moment and I need to get this crap on before the weather turns to blahh.


I would but my garage is stuffed with boat right now and I’m waiting on a canvas guy to make me a new cover so I can’t really move it out of the garage in bad weather.


So, figured i’d update the thread. Sold the A3, and I have about 3800 miles on this so far. 2018 VW golf sportwagen with the 6MT and 4motion. Basically the poor mans Golf R Estate that we’ll never get here in the states. It’s a bit anemic in stock form, but shows nicely with the GTI wheels and a few little bits. Goal is to enjoy it as long as possible before I tune it. Going to be hard to hold out, but the 6/72 b2b warranty is good and I want a few oil changes in it before I really uncork it. Heading up to the mountains (Mammoth/June/Big Bear) fairly regularly for the next 2 months and will be camping in it a couple times. This thing does it all!

props to @jeller for dealing with my fucking nonsense as my neurotic self got up to speed on the MQB platform and wheel offset, etc. All things I should have known already! ha.



It look huge next to the A3!


“Man, this VAG product has been so unreliable I really need to get something more reliable to replace it.”

Buys another VAG product. :smile:

I can’t blame you though. There’s just something about the way they drive.


No doubt it is, but the extra space has already come in crazy handy. It certainly doesn’t feel like a sports car, but the MQB platform, even on the wagon, can take a corner really well. The 18" GTI wheels helped a bit in that regard. Looking forward to camping in it this weekend. The fact that I can do that ‘comfortably’ is awesome.

BELIEVE me, after test driving everything I was looking at, I had a few nights where I was like ‘am I really doing this again?’ lol

I haven’t been this happy with a car in quite some time. I think it’s the combination of everything it does well, and at the price point I bought it at ($19k OTD) that really makes me happy. Considering other cars I was eyeing were $7-10k more, for what this is, i’m stoked!


Glad its working out! :+1:


Thanks for the update, I saw your post on the Tex, but didn’t put it together that it was you.
It really is alot of car for the money, very hard to beat, I totally agree.
I put the APR 93 octane tune on mine (finally gave in, I couldn’t take it any more lol) and man does it wake the car up. It actually gets out of its own way now and dropping a gear and punching it is fun again.
Your car is looking great ! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it.


gratuitous car photo. Finally got to ‘test out’ the 4motion system. So happy with this car!


Looks like an ad for VW.


Nice pic, that’s some beautiful country.


This past weekend was a trip. Anyone looking to visit the Sierra’s absolutely should put it on their list. I try to get up to this area around Mammoth at least once a month, moreso in the winter. (easier said than done lately)

It’s a really special place.

@Jeller , how long have you had the tune, and what made you go APR? Any other mods at all to support stage one? DV, etc? I am getting SUPER itchy on this.


I have had the tune for about 3 months now. I went APR because I also had that on my 2.0t A4 for over 100k miles and never had an issue (was the only engine performance mod on the car) the car drove as smooth as stock, no surging or other BS, most people wouldn’t even know it was tuned. So the drivability was important to me and being smooth. I wanted a tune I could set on 93 oct and not have to mess with as I did on my a4. No other mods needed for stage 1, even the additional mods don’t net you much more. So 93 oct was really the most gain/low hanging fruit I could for the money and least hassle.
+80hp and +107tq was noticeable, car runs about double the boost pressure it did stock.


Sounds about right. It’s good to know the stock components are handling it just fine. I have been leaning APR myself for the same reasons, based on research. I guess the biggest concern would be the stock clutch. So far so good?


Does VW run into the same TD1 warranty ban Audi does?


Sure does.

APR on the other hand offers up an ‘APR+’ tune that is essentially their 87 octane stg1 tune with a powertrain warranty attached to ‘offset’ the factory powertrain warranty. While I wouldn’t expect any issues based on research, it’s cool that APR does this. It does however cost ~$1000, versus the normal ~$600 for ECU tune. Interesting stuff.

Still thinking a standard tune makes more sense, but i’m trying to hold out for a bit!