Should it stay or should it go (Audi A3)


@jeller , i’ve been reading up on that this morning. Minor bummer, but whatever. My initial impression is that they were identical underneath. This seems to be one of the only major differences however. It appears that this is the same for '18 as well but i’m still digging.

I’m still a year out probably on a drop, but I want to do it right. Will keep researching.

Edit; and thank you. I am stoked on it. I went with Grey. I would have preferred white but the closest white one was 475 miles away and despite shopping my quote against them, they couldn’t beat the deal I got.


Nice, the gray will look great. I love the sportwagens with the OEM votex kit on them


Thanks man, i’m stoked. Know of anywhere I can snag a front lip on the cheap? That’s probably where i’ll start body wise for now.

I got the crossbars on the deal, and I would love to snag a box like the picture above. The OEM VW is stupid money, so probably Thule/yaki on craigslist.

The more I research, the more this seems like the proper drop method for me. ED seems like a quality brand and they are a short drive from me in SoCal. May have to check 'em out sooner rather than later.


These guys are typically the cheapest on VW parts

That suspension does look good, much better than any of the other spring options out there. For the cost give it a try…


On a completely unrelated note…any of you VW guys have room in a garage to help with rear brakes and end links on my MK6 GTI? I would do it in my driveway but this weather isn’t cooperating. The Miata is taking up all the room at the moment and I need to get this crap on before the weather turns to blahh.


I would but my garage is stuffed with boat right now and I’m waiting on a canvas guy to make me a new cover so I can’t really move it out of the garage in bad weather.