Should it stay or should it go (Audi A3)


Yes they do. They can tell if its been flashed.


@Jeller stock clutch?


Yes, stock clutch.


No issues, 5/6th gear slippage or anything?

By all accounts we share the exact same clutch and drivetrain. As previously discussed, hubs and a few other suspension bits is really only where we differ.

This is promising to hear, as i’ve heard some people speak of slippage on stage one. I’m in line with the same mindset as you, lowest hanging fruit… and stage 1 is it.


No slipping, have not even given it any thought that it would… I guess if I was a kid beating on it all the time, launching it etc… maybe. But it’s my daily and point A to B is the important thing here. I still have the oem clutch delay valve in place also, been meaning to take that out, just have not done it yet. I have gotten used to the clutch and how extremely light/vague it is, was hoping that taking out the delay valve would give a little bit of feel to the numb pedal.


I’m with you on that. My last car had the ECS bleeder block, and a dogbone mount. Helped a tremendous amount.

I just ordered the BFI stage 1 dogbone mount, but going to wait a bit on the bleeder block.

I tell you what helped feel a ton, is the clutch pedal ‘dampener’ spring, if you want to call it that. Removing that took 2 seconds and allows me to accurately feel the engagement point much more reliably.


I will give that a shot, seems like a easy one to try, thanks.



let me know how you like it.