Shure E3Cs from Hong Kong

Well, I had my doubts about these, since they were pretty cheap, but I got them today finally, after like 2-3 weeks waiting for them. They look, feel and sound amazing. I haven’t used real Shures before, so I can’t testify if they are the real thing or not, but they cost me $18.50 CAD after shipping and everything, and they are a f*in bargain for that price.
I don’t want to advertise here, so pm me if you want the guy’s email and/or ebay userid. The only reason I posted this is b/c I was looking for nice/cheap headphones for awhile, and I know lots of people in the same situation, so I figured people would appreciate it.

Those aren’t headphones.

they are ear phone, not headphones

you’d pay $100-$150 for these in a store so $20 is a wicked deal

Hehe spanks for the correction, I usually called them all headphones, force of habit. I was checking yesterday to buy more, but ebay had taken down his sales b/c they were against some ebay law? Didn’t say what he did, but it’s still kinda weird. I’m gonna email the dude and ask him why, hopefully it was some kinda misunderstanding and he’ll put em back up for sale.