So were all just minding our business at mighty, doing our thing and admiring 91MR2’s new exhaust on the lotus. Then out of no where this guy who calls himself “Rell” and no not like “Relish” shows up. He comes over and could not believe that the motor was in the back of the lotus!!! So “BSP TC” had him dead convinced that it was completely custom and that Xzibit himself did it on pimp my ride. Then “Rell” tells he is the OG tripple OG, OG tripple tripple of Tonawanda. Meaning that he is the “Original Gangsta” and the “illest rhymer” that Tonawanda has ever seen. He goes on to tell us that he wants to drop some ill heat and show us what he is made of. The result was this.…13-07_2341.flv

You can see me in the blue scrubs get nervous when he starts rhyming about guns and bullets:lol: I made a hasty retreat in my fear.

hey dick it was me that said xzibit
and i called him relish

:edited for truth…

YESSS!!! that was siqqqqqqqqqqq, but let me just add i had a bad ending of that night… ^ thanks for picking me up lol

P.S. can i record? lol

np man

if you need anything or shit getting it home let me know

o yeah, and that me pumping my head with the phone right in his face recording lol

This kid was too much…

thread hijack

joe new exhaust? VID CLIP NOW!

better get out of my thread or i will get “Rell” to bust out his 9

I got a clip yesterday, I’ll post it once it’s compressed…

It’s LOUD…

you should have robbed him for his chain.

haha. wanna have a lotus loud off?

Despite being a complete douchebag as he sounds…

that wasn’t a bad freestyle.

i agree.

Haha, sure, I’m telling you man, it’s really loud, at WOT it’s insane.

Joe’s is definitely louder than yours, I have heard them both in person.

but i have open headers… you have a turbo and some pipe. lol.

loud off is ON!

you’ve never heard the cam switch over.

we need to make a video about two loud lotii

Ha, I’m in. I really don’t care who’s is louder at the end of the day. I mean we both really lose in that we got a lot of tickets coming, haha.

haha, false. i can turn my loud off. and i’m kidding about whose car is really louder. lol.

On Topic: Anyone like how when the kid starts rapping about his “gators” I paned down to his shoes that were clearly not “gators”. Then the panning left to right to show the crowd of stunned awkward silence. It was great, you had to be there.