Ow…Uh huh…No Homo… young moola Baby
I say he so sweet make her wanna lick the wrapper
So I let her lick the rapper



No homo? The dude has braids. He takes it up the ass in the closet all night long.


He has dreads. Lil Wayne >

shawty wanna thug
bottles in da club
shawty wanna hump
u know i like to touch ya lovely lady lumps

QFT except biggie but he’s dead

this is the best song! i love the beat to it, cant wait to hear the remixes.

Wait, so you think lil’ wayne is better than Tupac, Big L, Big Pun, amongst a ton of other names? Just because he has hot beats doesn’t make him a good rapper.

static major( the briaded black dude ) passed after that video, he wrote that song and like 7 of aaliyah’s hits

Back it up like burp burp… WTF lol

************** and bands that wear girls jeans w/ long hair r sweet??

that shit sucks worse than my hangover.

the tribe > *

lol I assure you, “beats” have nothing to do with why i said that… I know more about hip hop than probably anyone on here… most of lil waynes best shit is on wack beats that im positive 99.9% of the people on here haven’t heard, unless you download 10-15 new mixtapes EVERY day like I do… wayne rarely has a SUPER FIRE beat but hes fucking nasty, all day, every day. I hate when people listen to 93.7 and buy rappers cds at best buy and think they know fucking anything about hip-hop. The shit on the radio and the cd’s in big stores like that is about 8% of rap as a whole, and i’m sure you haven’t heard DICK other than songs of albums like the carter, the carter II, like father like son… because I have about 28 lil wayne albums on my computer alone and I know I deleted a shitload of them not too long ago, and people I know personally that are HUGE into rap have only heard shit off about 3-4 of the cds…

but back to your original question, yes, wayne is better than all those people you said. order:

  1. BIG
  2. Wayne
  3. Tupac
  4. Jay-z

Big Pun and Big L weren’t like legendary rappers, they were just good. But as far as CONSTANTLY coming up with new, hot shit? big and wayne hold the crown. the only reason I put tupac before jay is because if tupac was still alive, he’d have a bigger empire than jay does now.

“im best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired” … - and jay-z agreed

Maybe Big L would have been constantly coming up with up the new hot shit…but he got killed :lol:

this post hurts my head.

:lol: im saying as far as when they were alive, they didn’t WOW anyone with almost every song, where as cats like big did

im actually on the smae page as u… i have millions of lil wayne mixtapes…the only good things of rap now adays is mixtapes…

anyways, Big L wasnt famous for his raps, but for his freestyles… for example… Jay-Z and Big L - 7 Minute Freestyle

edit: on to the best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired quote… thats more related towards the amount of material that they came out with… but i will say, Lil WAyne is going way down hill, all his 08 shit involves that tpain bullshit voice… 07 wayne mixtapes are where its at

wtf is a mixtape?