NAS- Hip Hop is Dead

leaked EARLY this morning. not a classic but a good listen. i will need to hear more after work to give a final rating.

finally ive been waiting for it to leak for a few days

what site did you find it on

link via PM good sir, then i will host

edit: just found it

well i waas in the Christmas spirit and was gonna post the link but the link was deleted by sendspace.:ohnoes:

maybe later

EDIT: aww Fukk it. try this


one more cause im feeling generous. DONT sleep on this people.

With the state that Hip hop is in today, this is a fitting title.

So much garbage out there getting passed off as music.

Haven’t had a chance to listen to this record, but Nas i expect it to be decent as Nas is one of the last REAL Mc’s.

Nas is one of the best, I don’t care what anybody says. Rhyme for rhyme, he’ll eat most other MCs alive.

ive been jammin that single for weeks now on sirius :tup: good tune. im looking forward to hearing the rest of the album

Meh, i dunno about that.

See : Ooochie Wally Wally lyrics


But…I still listen to Illmatic and enjoy it everytime.

illmatic was hot, i still listen also.

But to say he was one of the greatest ever lyrically? I don’t know man.

He’s aight…Hasnt been around in a looong time tho.

but look at many of his other lyrics

WHAT THE FUCK the n (dont hate me now) isnt on the fucking album?!?!?!?! i am upset

edit: anyone have a 192/no dj / dirty verison of the n (dont hate me now)?

illmatic is a classic… but HOVA holds the crown

Not with that “new out of retirement” album he doesn’t.

Jay’s only REEAL hot record was Reasonable Doubt, then Hard Knck Life, everthing else is filler.

Give me a break. There’s a whole lot of rap out there that the lyrics are garbage. So he had one song out of how many that he wrote?
You have to admit, there’s usually at least one song from every rapper, no matter how good they are, that makes you go :bloated:

153 views, and not 1 “thanks” etc. these are the last links ill post.

you know i love you

i hope it’s available when i get home from school!

i think you’re great <3