all in favor of telling K20 to get a muffler

I have no problem with ya, infact youve made a complete 180, but holy crap. at the lot friday and then i heard it at the nissan meet.

what happened at the nissan meet? i was there and he was only being polite?



muff = muffler, and when he left. its just loud, and sounds like complete poop.

Ohh he means muffler.

Because his car is insanely loud.

I don’t remember who was behind Joey and I the other night when we ran, but could you see me trying to plug my ear and race at the same time.

ahhh lol. as in muff i thought you meant one of those things for dogs. lololol

thats a muzzle

Loudest vtec I have ever heard

Who the hell wonted “no” :ponder

he drove by my house months ago and it rattled like a MFer at just above idle. I voted ‘yes’ just cause of that.

we zipped by your house the other day too.

i need an exhaust too. my vtak aint loud enough


haha. i think your loved one was cleaning your truck. but i am not sure.

sounds worse than justin gsr’s car. :confused

it’s fiiiiiiiine

and i didnt think it was possable to be more anoying than justins car :confused

either Joey or Travis???

I voted yes…it sounds like a complete catback made out of folgers cans.

you’ve never heard the new exhaust. :stfu

i just voted no :lol so there’s 2 of us

Oh i got rid of that muffler…it was the baffles inside rattling around because they blew out… Flowmaster FTL!

For you haters, it’s staying straight-piped, un-muffled until i get pulled over and actually hassled for it. I have a brand new custom Spintech muffler on stand-by that was made for Jammer’s Ariel Atom that i will put on once i get hassled by the 5-0…Until then, i will continue to get the dirty looks from old people, hurting people’s ears when i fly by, and giving myself a headache on longish drives :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana

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