Silver > Pearl

Was getting some grocery shopping done at the local market and as I am pulling out I see this Pearl Z go by giving me what I think to be the finger…so I engage and go after this middle fingered miscreant when we convieniently catch the next light together side by side with nothing but 5 lanes of open asphalt, not wanting to show my enthusiasm for the race…I slowly creep at the green…he does the same, I see the front of his car leap like a gazelle and it was on…I put my foot to the floor in 2nd gear and quickly pulled on him and hit 3rd and shut down brandishing my hazards in glory. I had witness…his name is FD Jones.


HAHAHA…nice kill…

u should have then cut his finger off for payment…:slight_smile:

Next time its pink slips…I could use a nice vintage Z for my collection :slight_smile:

basically…ur a street racer…you put EVERYTHING on the line…LOLOLOL

Its all I know…I live my life a 1/4 mile at a time

for that 10 seconds or less…

im free…

i think i ran in to this cocky sob last month. he was all about it until i blew off on him. then he wouldnt even look at me.

musta thought i was smith

good kill

nissan on nissan crime :damnitiwanttotype tspry:

[BadazzZ28]Bah, I was short shifting and only 3/4 throttle[/BadazzZ28]

If my oil leak gets fixed this weekend, we’ll need to run again just for kicks… before I go after R.Kelly.Vette :slight_smile:

or if it was onyx, then i didnt run into this same car :slight_smile:

lol zerodaze

oh come on… even an oil leak can’t slow down a “vintage” pearl z. those were the fastestestest rarestest ever made!!! I call BS! :slight_smile:

:rofl: Bring it granny shifter:whip:

can’t beat up on the vintage Z yo

lol nice kill

Z cannibalism? You don’t do that to your own!?!

X… :headbang:

u werent double clutching like u should…damn u josh

z on z hate crime…breaks my heart…

hurts more not to be able to take part in such events though…

ahahahahaha :tup: