slow84ta-1 = skurge-1

Well I stopped into mighty after work real quick at about half past midnight, there were like 5 poeple there still, Skurge rolled up and said he was going for a small cruise to see whats up, so myself and another car decide to roll with him. near the end of the cruise, I was thinking I was going to get roasted, but I decided, ahhh fuck it, I’ll race. A little fun wont hurt. First run was a 10ish roll to about 60 3 beeps, I get the jump he slowly walks by me when I’m at the begining of second and we shut down his rear bumper was alittle past my front bumper. hmm ok I thought to myself wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Mind you if we raced longer, he’d probably pull much more on me.

The next one was from a light till about 60, I again amazingly got the jump, I think he bogged a little, and I held him off just a little. his front bumper was at about my rear when he let off. I kind of dropped it on him at the last second that we’d go here so he didn’t have time to focus on the launch, damn awd cars. All in all it was a fun little run. Given the proper launch, I’m sure he’d beat me pretty good.

sounds about right i was far behind on both races.

:tup: was a fun little cruise

I’d like a rematch against that GTP i think it was?

silver gtp with pontiac in blue ont he back, hmm haven’t seen it around much.

I dunno i didn’t see his back window :wink:

we ran from about 20 mph, maybe a little less, I went from second and should have dropped to 1st :frowning:

anyway he had about 1/2 car or so on me when HE shut down at about 50-60, From what i could tell i was starting to pull on him tho, def would have had the jump had I been in 1st :doh:

hey sometimes you gotta not take it easy and just go balls to the wall all the time :gotme:


yea dropping to first while still moving=AWD doesn’t like me


oh and requesting a title change :stuck_out_tongue:

I pulled ahead on both runs…


should read

slow84 0 skurge 2

launches slow84 1 skurge 0 AWD got pwnd there lol

dsmn?wrx?:gotme: -SLOPOKE-

ess tee eye

yea what steve said

you ran me in your sunfire when it had the :tspry: a month or so ago

wait wait wait…slopoke beat both of you, but i beat him…and i’m SLOW…is he spraying more now than he did against me?

i raced the sunfire

Is it a silver, debaged, blue pontiac overlay on the bottom back, tinted windows, four door?

yea that sounds right to me, i didn’t get to see the back of it so i duno about the pont logo, but they say it was there so i guess so lol

lol @ people getting beat by neons on spray.

neons? no neons here

I was posting under Chokos name…I drive the neon…Choko drives the sunfire…