snow tires?!

well its gonna be that time again very s00n, how about some recomendations of snow tires that you have or have used in the past that you would recomend to someone!!

i need to know becuase im shopping now for them !!

Blizzak WS-50s Were great on the jetta in the snow. In the wet and the dry on the other hand, a little scary at times.

Dunlop Wintersport M2s Use them on the WRX and have not had a problem, but the wrx has the AWD advantage. Not as good as the Blizzaks in the snow or ice, but much much better in the wet and dry.

Only tire I’ve used are the Winterforce M+S. They are extremely inexspensive. i had a set on both the Camry and The DSM, and both cars were unstoppable.

I dont know what ur worried about, azenis are amazing in the snow

I’ve run two different versions of Semperits that were purchased from Discount Tire Direct. One set was the “Direction Grip”, the other is the “Sport Grip”. Both were excellent in the snow, but the Sport Grip is a bit better in the dry and wet. I think they were around $50 a tire in 205/60 R15. The Direction Grips lasted me two years, and the Sport Grips still look very good after one winter, even though I left them on very late into the spring this year. Unfortunately, I don’t see Semperit tires listed at DTD anymore.

I uses a kumho all-season tire for the winter…they worked fine for me Kumho 732 i believe

I used these on my gf’s civic hatchback last year

like a charm


where u plowing some fields of snow

I had Blizzaks LM-22s on my WRX last winter, things were simply amazing, paired with the AWD it was pretty much unstoppable. Most of the time it felt like driving around on wet pavement, not snowy icy junk.

Took them off and put the all seasons back on, caught a late snow storm this spring and could immediately tell the difference!

I will be getting them again for the GP for sure :tup:

ws-50’s work great for me too. i used to run the cheaper michelin ones and the blizzaks grip much better.

no but i’ll tell ya what i was plowin!!!11111111111111111111111

a gerk gerk gerk


I had Goodyear Ice & Snow Grip - good times, predictable dry/wet driving

Same here. LM-22s are excellent. I would also recommend Nokian Hakkapeliitta 2s

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that they lasted 3 seasons… so figure about 30K

and they are still… decent…

Snow tires? What are those?


Wintersport M2s are amazing

LM-22s are the best. Dry traction is pretty damn good too.

Nokian. :slight_smile:

thxs for the input, i had nokians but i left them on wayyyy toooo long…
yeah they got replaced with the new azenis, which are FUCK1ING awesome(thxs to mike at innovtive)

Well then get new ones.

Nokian are the best snow tires that ever were or ever will be. A lot of rally guys I know swear by Nokian and hate on Blizzaks. For cheap and effective I’m with Brett about the semperits. I had the sport grip on my dsm a couple years ago and they were GREAT similar tread pattern to the Nokian Hakka’s and they were pretty unstopable ( don’t know if that’s spelled right, get off my ass) and I did some pretty crazy shit in them. Ask howie it was the first time he’d ever seen AWD drifting :slight_smile: and I drove them all year cause I couldn’t afford other tires.