So far, this site looks VERY well structured.

This site could totally eclipse that “other” one…




Newman, we have only just begun too…

you know it!

Needs a section for racing/motorsports maybe? Or is that all getting lumped into Gen? Just a thought. Regardless, looks well and carefully run. Here here!

I swear that wasn’t there before… Christ, i need to sleep more. Disregard previous statement.

LoL - this site is still very under construction also :stuck_out_tongue:

looks great guys… job well done thus far.

I likes I likes! :heart:

We were a cunthair from having no Honda owned moderation and then “Les Revolutiones” took over with thier ghey red hatches… :wink:


Looks great guys!!!

word good work Howie

Looks good so far… but I think it needs a better logo :stuck_out_tongue:

that audi OWNED :stuck_out_tongue:

but yea, good work guys