So im going camping for a week in the adirondacks..

laptop?? check
digicam?? check
pda phone?? check
updated weather alerts sent to phone?? check
GPS? check

i am a huuuge fucking nerd

i want to go

mass amounts of beer?

or are you going on a fruity hippie love retreat :gay2:

which peak are you plannin to defeat? hehe

laptop?? lmao…why do you even need that over there?

for me,
wet tissue, check
hand scoop, check

we are camping by cranberry lake,+NY+12927

5 days, two couples, tent camping, 1 day trip to lake placid and 1 day renting a fishing boat, the others = doing nothing

sand beach and hiking bear mountain…

i cant wait :eek:

we leave tmw more than welcome…

note: its 5 hours away

hehehe. ic

last time…we hiked mount marcy…to the top…great view!

we wanted to camp at the camping spot…but…ended up camping on a open soil…with ‘bear caution’ sign on it…lol :rofl:

we went fishing on the lake…after we got down from marcy…

oh yea…few days later, we found out that the bears did some naughty stuffs on the camping ground…pheew :biglaugh:

just dont rub honey all over yourself and run through the woods, the bears might like that:hitit:

thats such a nice area up there…enjoy now you have me thinking about heading up that way

[left]coming to terms with your massive dorkdom: Check

real camping supplies, provided by Lucky Cheater

Fishing rods: check
10 pound test line: check
Fillet knife: check
double sided dildo: check


cs:s in the middle of the woods > *

I love it up there. I’ve been up Marcy more times than I can count. It’s a lot of fun hearing the screams of the amish as they run from bears :slight_smile:

good luck gettin a signal for your phone up there…


What service do you have? When I had Verizon I had signal almost everywhere, even in the high-peaks area and on Marcy. With my T-Mobile I still get reception almost everywhere. The only place I didn’t have anything was in the low valley areas of the high peaks region.

:rofl: eh, couldn’t resist. reminded me of the old joke…


id be down…

but the wife hates to camp in tents…

You may have caught the biggest fish but I caught a large mouth…even if it was 3 inches

-Leech bait-