So I'm looking to buy a new car....

…but before i do that i need some serious interior repair and/ or replacement

Problem…pot head friends who have no been educated on how to properly smoke cigarettes, therefore burning my interior…and i think it is beyond repair.

I have a hole in my dashboard, from a girl who was too blonde to smoke and talk on the phone at the same time. This happened about 2 weeks after i originally got the car, my mother brought it to hectors for an estimate, and it was just over $100 to fix. girls father sent my mom a check…but that check has obviously been cashed and spent

I have 2 more holes in the back seat large enough for me to put my pinky finger in all the way…i dontknow who did these

i have other smaller burns ranging from 1/8’’-1/4’’ on the front seats…and a small littel cinge on the passnger headliner by the window…

now after knowing this…where could i get it fixed/reupholstered for a decent price?..or am i better off going to junkyards and hoping to find an Alero interior…?

help please

P.S. there will be no smoking in the new vehicle LOL

mmmmm Savannah is hotttttttttt :slight_smile:

yikes…not cool…

goodluck with the new car…what kind are you looking? import/domestic and what price range?

ummmmm well …after the issues with the alero …im really not too keen on anything GM…although Pontiac is bringing out a G6 hardtop convertible, early 2006…and it looks kinda hott…but i was looking at maybe RSX, tC, Tiburon…im having a brain fart i cant think of the others 20-25K is what im looking at…

the new tiburons are pretty nice…or maybe a cobalt SS if you go that route

check your aim dam it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You could get a Tc for like 17K, and SC it for another 2K!!! And still have money to work with!! (I’m not whoring the Tc. It’s my daily driver, I just want to see someone SC one!)

yea…she’s not too good with that

and i just wanted to user this…:crap:

oh stop, i wasnt even at the computer…

oh and i looked at cobalt SS…not worth it IMO

i can sell ya a sweet jeep! new radiator, 4.25’’ lift

i dont want your jeep

pssshhhht, so its not good enough for you?

I wasn’t aware that the Alero was GM… haha damn Olds

worst decision my father ever made for me…everynight i pray someone hits it …or steals it …but who would want the damn thing

Leave it in the ghetto!

i should … but i kinda need to get to work everyday haha

Damn. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think u should put “No Smoking” sign on ur car

how about the name of a good upholstery guy