So that's why Mustang GT's have those big driving lights...*DUW*


Yours better have those, too. :slight_smile:


I’ll take two

Freakin sweet.

THAT IS NICE. but i need to see under the hood

nice until a bug flies in!

hot shit. link?

looking at the windshield & cage… I’m guessing its a track queen.

Track queen? How about purpose built drag car. That thing only drives 1/4 mile at a time.

that’s what I meant :bloated:

Sweet! I’d hit it.


to match how he lives his life

For those 17.5 seconds hes free

uuuggghhhh pimp

wow thats hot

i want it…i want it NOWW!!!


soooo hott…

omg super sexyyyyyyyyyy

(icy hot stuntaz, 2003)